Advantages and Disadvantages of Dish TV

by admin on July 16, 2010

Naturally, when you are trying to decide between the three major satellite TV providers, you’re going to want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each prior to making your decision.  Before you make any decision, you always want to put in the due diligence and do some research about the companies themselves, the different programming packages they offer, and of course, the pricing.  Once you have done the research, look at the advantages and disadvantages.  The following is a breakdown of both to help you if you have been considering going with Dish TV.

More digital channels for the money – additionally, you get FREE perks such as 4 room connections, free equipment and installation, and even TiVo.

Half the cost of cable TV – Dish TV provides the same amount of channels in their programming as cable TV does.  The key difference is that it costs you about half as much as what the traditional cable TV companies charge.  In most instances, the surcharges and the taxes are considerably lower.

Easy-to-understand billing – whether you get your bill in the mail or access your account via the internet, your bill is simple to read and understand.  Real time reporting enables you to view the current status of your account along with what charges you have incurred to date.

Excellent customer service – whether online or over the telephone, you will not find better customer service and tech support levels than what you get when you sign up with Dish TV.  The big companies can’t hold a candle to their customer service levels and you never experience automated calls, delays, or being put on hold for long periods of time (I call being placed on “permanent ignore”).

Those who are opposed to satellite TV feel that the following are key disadvantages:

Cable TV is more reliable than Dish TV during storms – this is really more of a myth than a true disadvantage as interruptions are rare, even during rain or snowstorms.  You are more apt to have problems with cable TV during these weather conditions, especially if the cable is above ground.

If the dish gets damaged, you’re apt to be without service for a longer period of time than you will with cable – this is totally false.  Dish TV has the best customer service and tech support levels than what you will ever find with cable TV.

Local channels create additional fees – this is probably the only true disadvantage but in reality, the price for local channels does not hike your bill up that much.

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