50 Posts on the Best Weekend Flicks for Family Entertainment

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by DishTV Staff on September 2, 2010

A great way to spend time with the entire family is to share a good family movie at home. There are a wide variety of different genres of movies available to consider, but some are clearly better suited for families, especially families with children, than others. Next time you are planning a family get-together, there are many movies that are well worth considering because they will suit each member of your entire family, young and old.

  1. Family Movie Night: Reviews family-friendly movies one at a time, suggesting good movies for families.
  2. Life as Mom: How to choose good films for the family.
  3. Screen Head: This blog post talks about Christina Applegate and family movies.
  4. Frame by Frame: This blog offers movie reviews for many genres, including family movies.
  5. The Movie Blog: Reviews family movies and other movie themes that families may enjoy.
  6. Movie Previews: A preview of current and past movies in all genres, including most rated movies and family movies.
  7. It’s a Wonderful Movie: Family movies, family television shows, Christmas movies for families and more.
  8. Zap 2 It: Articles about family-friendly movies and television shows.
  9. Choosen TV: Reviews for a variety of different movies including Piranha 3D and others.
  10. Family Christian Movies: Looks at movies that have a Christian-friendly, family-friendly theme to them.
  11. Parent Previews: This blog addresses great movies for children and families.
  12. Are You Screening: This website offers insight and reviews for movies, including many family-friendly flicks.
  13. A Catholic View: A review of the Nanny McPhee movie from a Catholic perspective.
  14. Hindi Movie Reviews: A look at Toy Story 3, as well as other family-friendly movies.
  15. Film Crave: A look at the top family movies of all time.
  16. Duck Software: A list of family friendly movies.
  17. About School: Top 100 family oriented movies.
  18. Family Video: Family oriented movies and other genres of movies with reviews and basic information.
  19. Clear Play: Favorite films for the family from Movie Mom.
  20. The Pixar Blog: A blog about Pixar movies, which are family-friendly and family-oriented flicks.
  21. Total Sci-Fi Online: A movie review of the popular Toy Story 3.
  22. Every Joe: A movie review of the popular Disney/Pixar flick Wall-E.
  23. Cine Rama: Offers a podcast about up and coming movies, including many family friendly titles.
  24. Screen Sucked: A blog about movie reviews, including many that are family-oriented.
  25. Tailgate 365: A review of the movie Piranha.
  26. Film Jabber: Previously known as Erik’s Movies, this site reviews movies from all genres, including family-friendly flicks.
  27. Multiplex Comic: A review of both The Incredibles and The Iron Giant.
  28. Disney Movies List: A blog about Disney movies.
  29. Hot Tech Blog: A review of the Hannah Montana movie.
  30. London to Brighton: A look at the recent Tim Burton adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.
  31. Neon Limelight: A look at Demi Lovato’s career as a movie actor in Disney films and in television.
  32. Box Man: Review of the Lion King movie in its platinum edition.
  33. Fave Flix: Movie reviews for a variety of different genres, some which are suitable for families to watch.
  34. The Particle Q: Movie views, rants about movies and other information pertaining to current flicks.
  35. P2P Movies: Another general movie site, offering reviews on a variety of different types of movies.
  36. Mediasaurs: Movie reviews and other information on a variety of different movie genres.
  37. Scene Stealers: This blog looks at and reviews a variety of different types of movies.
  38. Filmsy: A blog about the movie industry with movie reviews and a wealth of other information.
  39. Unreality Shout: A look at Toy Story 3 in comparison to the other Toy Story movies.
  40. Silent Critics: Another review of the Toy Story 3 movie.
  41. Geeks of Doom: A look at the final chapter of the Shrek series of movies.
  42. Andy @ The Movies: This is an independent movie review blog that covers all genres, family and otherwise.
  43. Eye for Film: A review of Shrek Forever After.
  44. Life, Love and Logic: Another review of the final chapter of the Shrek movie franchise.
  45. Real Movie Review: A blog website for real and honest movie reviews.
  46. Fire Baton: A review of the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie from 2010 and other family-friendly movie reviews.
  47. Literary Illusions: A blog about families and children, including movie reviews and other vital information.
  48. Melted Reel Online: A review site that focuses on shedding harsh light on a variety of different movies and movie genres.
  49. Itsvery Movie Review: Rates movies of all types based on level of disappointment and embitterment.
  50. The Movie Blog: A look at a variety of different movie genres, including reviews on family-friendly movies.

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