50 I’m His or Her Biggest Fan Stories

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by DishTV Staff on August 4, 2010

When watching your favorite movie or television show, you all have your favorite celebrities. There are tons of official and unofficial ways to follow those stars and meet others who share your love. There are twitter connections, Facebook fan pages and more. Learning what is going on with your favorite star makes you feel closer to them. Meeting them is even greater. Here are several sites of fan pages for you to take a look at. Learn who is pregnant and who is getting married. You can also see previews for their upcoming movies as well as sending them emails yourself.

  1. Lady Gaga Lady Gaga’s fans talk about what you should wear when going to her concert.
  2. Miley Cyrus Join others who think they are Miley’s biggest fan as they chat about her songs and new movies that are coming out.
  3. David Archuleta Fever A For those who love David, stop by here to see information on his latest hits and all the inside details.
  4. Avril Lavigne From her biggest fans, find all the news articles and details on what Avril is up to.
  5. Megan Fox Learn all the hot news about Megan from her recent wedding to the new movies she is making.
  6. Biggest Fans Find your stars on this page and follow their new items coming out or wish them happy birthday.
  7. Richard Burgi See what Richard is up to and the new movies he is starring in.
  8. The Classics Learn information on where the classics are and where they have gone.
  9. Fabio The official Fabio fan hot spot! Read here on everything Fabio is doing now and what to be looking for in the future.
  10. Richard Kiel If you love this James Bond character, you will find loads of information on him here and see what he is up to now.
  11. Favorite Stars in India Look at these fabulous stars in India and see what they may be bringing to the US.
  12. New Orleans Find the stars that are from New Orleans and their official fan sites.
  13. Chuck Williams Check out Chuck’s new film, Night Visit. Learn about his upcoming films and his biography.
  14. Fan Sites Look here to find your favorite celebrity and their sites to learn about what they have in the works.
  15. Official Sites If you are looking for the official fan page to your favorite celebrity, look here to find them.
  16. George Clooney If you are a George Clooney fan this is the site for you. Stop by here to see what he is up to now.
  17. Clooney Files Read here to see what award Clooney is now receiving.
  18. Lost Everything you could want to know and do want to know about the series Lost.
  19. Fights Find out the juicy gossip on Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. Are they really at odds with each other? Read here to see.
  20. Contact Want to shoot your favorite celeb an email? Try stopping here for a huge list of emails of the stars.
  21. Justin Find out about Justin Bieber’s trip to the White House and discuss what you prefer him in.
  22. Miley’s Number One Meet Miley Cyrus’s number one fan here.
  23. Taylor Lautner Read about Taylor and anything else Twilight oriented that you want to know. Find out what is coming up soon with the cast.
  24. Stalker One man claims to be a fan but Miley Cyrus is not believing it. This man was arrested for stalking Miley and now he is on the loose.
  25. Patrick Dempsey Get the latest information on Patrick and his new movie Transformers 3.
  26. Star Trek If you are a trekkie, this site is for you. Find out about old stars and new as the new movie comes out.
  27. Mandy Moore Find great fan pictures of Mandy Moore here and learn about her new albums and movies.
  28. Melissa Joan Hart It has been awhile but she is making a come back. Look here for ways to see her on upcoming television shows.
  29. Official Miley Look here for great fan pictures, information on new movies and more if you are a huge Miley Cyrus fan.
  30. William Hung William tried out for American Idol and although he wasn’t chosen for the show, he quickly shot to star status.
  31. Jessica Alba Read about Jessica’s baby and more gossip on what Jessica is doing now.
  32. Lucy Lawless See all her great dresses, friends, and what is going on with Lucy here at this site.
  33. Rascal Flatts Learn about the newest members being added to the family and their upcoming album all in one place.
  34. Kristina Stewart/ Come by here to read all about what Kristina is up to today. Also see pictures and articles on the latest gossip.
  35. Miranda Kerr If you like following this super model, stop here to get the official information on her. From twitter to Facebook, get the official groups to follow for the latest updates.
  36. Britney Spears Look here for the top fan site for Britney. You will find all the latest details and gossip floating as well as great pictures.
  37. Paul Potts If opera is more your cup of tea, you will find this fan site right up your alley. Learn about Paul here and also see his blog that he writes for his fans.
  38. Bella and Edward Find out all the latest information on the Twilight Saga here at one of the number one sites.
  39. Unofficially Lost Find out all the information on your favorite Lost star here. From episodes to bio’s look here to learn what you want to know about Lost.
  40. Beyonce Learn everything you want to know about Beyonce here. See pictures and read articles on all that is new with her.
  41. Brad Pitt If Brad Pitt is your favorite celeb, try stopping here to see all that this site has to offer. Read about Brad’s new movies and past movies as well.
  42. Everything Here you will find loads of articles about your favorite celebrities and the changes they are making in their careers.
  43. Meeting the Cast of Glee One blogger shares her encounters with the cast of the new show Glee. She shares her pictures and her experience with meeting them.
  44. My Story Read about several women who share their close encounters with their celebrities.
  45. My Sightings Read about one blogger who met Johnny Depp and her experience with meeting celebs.
  46. Katy Perry If you love Katy Perry stop by the number one fan site. You will get the latest information on Katy as well as videos and pictures.
  47. Matt Damon Take a look at his newest movies and all those he has done in the past. Join with other fans as you talk about why he is your favorite.
  48. Leo Join the unofficial site for fans of Leonardo DiCaprio. Learn about his newest endeavors and what he is going to be up to next.
  49. Heath Ledger Read about his life and his death in this great fan site.
  50. Christian Bale Meet this dark knight and see what he is going to be doing next.

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